Welcome to Cupar Old Parish Church

INTIMATIONS     20th January 2019


Please pray for people in Java who have been directly affected by the tsunami – those who have lost loved ones, for the injured, for those lacking clean water and shelter. 

Please pray for all groups and courses which take place in this church on a daily basis and the teams who organise and run them. 

Evening Worship takes place this evening at 6.30pm in the Parish Centre.

Donations: If anyone has been gifted too many biscuits over Christmas, they would be gratefully received at the Old Parish Centre. Also if anyone has a surplus of the bio-degradable bags for food waste they would also be useful in the centre.

House Groups

Ichthus, Monday 21st – 7.00pm, at Lower Bunzion, Pitlessie, Contact Hazel (659 025).

Retreat, Wednesday 23rd – 10.00am, in the Parish Centre. Contact Jean  (652 100).

Qwest, Wednesday 23rd – 7.30pm, at 13 George Govan Road. Contact Shona (656 799).

Pitstop, Wednesday 23rd - 7.30pm, at 102 Hogarth Drive. Contact Jill L (655 528).

Church Craft Group, Wednesday 23rd – 2.00-4.00pm, in the Parish Centre. Contact Jill B (07979 352 314).

Cupar Youth Group, S2-S6, are meeting at the Old Parish Centre, Wednesday 23rd from 7:00-8:30pm for some Bible study, fun and games and snacks; all welcome. For more info contact Hendrick 07944 420 792.

Parish News: Articles for the Spring/Summer 2019 edition of Parish News should be in the hands of the Editorial Team by Friday, 1st February. Contact Colin  (cuparoldparishnews@googlemail.com) 

Women Walking with God conference takes place on the evening of 1st March and full day of 2nd March in Edinburgh. Tickets available at https://womenwalkingwithgod.co.uk/ and please speak to Jill Logan or Jacqui Caldwell regarding group going from Cupar Old.

Regular Events at the Old Parish Centre

Contact Centre Manager Jill Brown (07979 352 314) for more information

Monday   Café, lounge, 10.00am-1.30pm 

                  Lunches, lounge, 11.00am-1.15pm

Tuesday    Tots, Parents and Toddlers Group: 9.30-11.30am, 12.30-2.30pm

Thursday   Coffee & Chat, lounge, 10.00 – 11.30am.

Worship Next Sunday  

9.30am:    Family Worship in Monimail

10.45am:         Crèche in the Parish Centre

11.00am: Family Worship followed by a Church Family Lunch in the Parish Centre. Children begin in worship then go to Sunday Club in the Parish Centre. 

Keep in Touch

Minister: Rev Jeff Martin

01334 656 181, jmartin@churchofscotland.org.uk 

Session Clerk: Mrs Jean Martin

01334 652 100, jeansmartin1968@gmail.com 

Old Parish Centre Manager: Mrs Jill Brown

07979 352 314, manager.opc@hotmail.com

Secretary: Mrs Liz Nelson. Intimations for Sunday 27th January to be submitted by 12 noon on Wednesday 23rd January (01334 652 077; liznelson48@aol.com