Welcome to Cupar Old Parish Church
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Become involved in prayer at Cupar Old in the following ways:

The Sunday Morning Prayer Team: If you feel you are in need of prayer or someone else you know is, then please come for prayer after church. Two members of the prayer team are available every Sunday. This service is of course confidential.

The Sunday Evening Prayer Team: If you have a prayer request please place it in the box within the church or at the Old Parish Centre and this will be prayed about by the Sunday evening Prayer Team and will also be passed to our team of intercessors who pray daily.

The Prayer Chain: If you have a prayer request that you haven’t given to the above groups and want immediate prayer then contact Eleanor Morris (657556) who can give your request to the prayer chain.

Prayer Tree: The prayer tree can be found in the foyer of the Old Parish Centre. Its function is to encourage anyone who uses the building to write a prayer or a prayer request on one of the leaves, fold it and hang it on the tree. These are collected regularly and prayed for by the Sunday evening prayer team.

Prayer Requests: by members of the congregation or the wider community may be left here

24 Hour Prayer: If you are interested in praying for world wide issues in a team then join the 24 Hour Prayer Team – contact Eleanor Morris (657556)

Need a focus for your daily prayers? Please pick up a copy of the Prayer Tapestry Leaflet at the Old Parish Centre, which might assist. If you don’t attend church you can also leave prayer requests in the post box outside the Old Parish Centre or contact Janice Geddes on 652957.

Prayer Suggestions:

Pray with thanksgiving for our new minister and his family as they settle in Cupar.

During Fairtrade fortnight pray for the world wide charities which help to improve the lives of others who can't help themselves.

Pray for all the churches in Cupar and the work they do together as one body in Christ.

Look out in the church intimations for other prayer events throughout the year: prayer breakfasts, 24/1 prayer days etc.


Lord let us pray without ceasing with our minds focused on you.

This Week

Sunday 2nd July 2017

11.00am Morning Worship
led by Rev Jeff Martin.

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