Welcome to Cupar Old Parish Church

Cupar Old and St Michael of Tarvit Parish Church

 INTIMATIONS     5th August 2018

We remember our prayer families: Margaret Fraser, George & Barbara Douglas, Keith Smith, Dorothy Bosomworth, Cheryl Wonfor.. God’s blessing on them and their loved ones. 

Pray for all the people in California who have been evacuated from their homes because of forest fires and for the families of those who perished in the fires in Greece. 

Please pray for our congregation – for the families who will be returning from holiday and for those families for whom the holidays can be a time of stress and worry.

House Group

Ichthus, Monday 6th August, 7.15pm, at Lower Bunzion, Pitlessie. Contact Hazel York (659 025)

Pitstop, Wednesday  8th August, 7.00pm. Meeting at Hill of Tarvit for a walk around the grounds and a picnic. All Welcome. Please contact Jill Logan (655 528) for more information. 

Church Craft Group meets from 2.00-4.00pm on Wednesday 8th August in the Old Parish Centre. Contact Jill Brown 07979 352 314.

Cupar Old Ramblers, Saturday, 11th August, leaving the Parish Centre at 9.30am, going to Tullbaccart – Redmyre Loch – a moderate low-level walk on minor roads, tracks and paths through farmland and woods in the Sidlaw Hills. Confirmation of attendance to Peter Manson (655 931) 

Cupar & District Annual Flower & Craft Show – Corn Exchange, Saturday 11th August, 10am – 4.30pm. For more information contact 654 648 or www.cuparflowershow.co.uk

Family Service will be held in the Old Parish Centre on Sunday 19th August. Breakfast will be served from 10.00am followed by the service at 11.00am to begin the Sunday Club, regular classes for children and youth begin the following Sunday.

Recruiting Trained and Skilled Listeners: In NHS Fife we have a Community Listening Service, often based in health centres and GP surgeries. This is a service that promotes patient well being through active listening, helping patients explore those things which are affecting their health and well being negatively, such as loss, bereavement, family issues, stress etc. This is not a counselling service but a short term intervention where patients can meet with a Listener for usually one or two sessions, of up to 50 minutes, to tell their story and be helped to find their own inner resources and those of the communities of support around them, to deal with the difficulties they are facing. We offer a four day training to those who already have listening skills through training or past work experience, to offer this service throughout Fife, usually in a GP surgery. If you have the skills and would be interested to be one of our Volunteer Listeners please contact Lynda Wright CCL Coordinator, NHS Fife, lynda.wright1@nhs.net  or Mark Evans on 01383 674 136 ext 24136

Regular Events at the Old Parish Centre

Contact Centre Manager Jill Brown (657 712) for more information.

Monday Café & Monday Lunches: The volunteers are having a break until September

Tuesday Tots, Parents and Toddlers Group: Now on holiday

Thursday Coffee and Chat:  Lounge, 10.00 – 11.30am

Worship Next Sunday

9.30am: Family Worship in Monimail

10.45am: Crèche in the Old Parish Centre 

11.00am: Family Worship at Cupar Old

Children begin in worship then go to the Old Parish Centre for Holiday Activities.

Keep in Touch

Minister: Rev Jeff Martin

01334 656 181, jmartin@churchofscotland,org.uk

Session Clerk: Mrs Jean Martin

01334 652 100, alm2100@btinternet.com

Old Parish Centre Manager: Mrs Jill Brown

01334 657 712 or 07979 352 314, manager.opc@hotmail.com

Secretary: Mrs Liz Nelson Intimations for Sunday 12th August to Liz by 12 noon on Wednesday 8th (01334 652  077; liznelson48@aol.com)